I’m Audrey, a UX Designer with a background in Psychobiology and Project Management. Earlier in my career, I interacted with stakeholders to successfully meet business goals under technology constraints, deadlines, and budgets.

Understanding a need to solve problems with a focus on the user, I attended DESIGNATION, and designed meaningful and lasting solutions through tactful research, ideation, testing, and an iterative work process.

I was born in the Philippines, raised in Okinawa, and currently living in Los Angeles. Immersing myself in different cultures and perspectives fuels my interest in understanding what motivates people, how people behave, and what challenges people have. All of these experiences helped my ability to empathize and gain a deeper understanding of people surrounding me. I strive to create experiences that better people’s lives and connect people with one another.

When I’m not designing effective user-centered solutions, you’ll find me rock climbing, backpacking through National Parks, and reading Medium articles daily.

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